What to do when you have a Wet Phone?

So if you are here you probably have a problem and its most likely about a wet phone and needing water damage repairs

So here is our game-plan, this is EXACTLY what you should and remember time is gold so hurry

If your mobile phone is ON the first thing you should be doing is to turn it OFF, because as we all know electricity and water really isn’t too fond of each other. So, the best thing to do in this situation is to give them time away from each other
It cannot be stressed enough to not turn your mobile phone back on. This will render your phone useless if you do.

Remove your sim card and if you have a memory card and a case on your mobile phone remove them too.

Dry your phone out with a towel and try to shake out any excess water.

Put your phone in a bag or any container filled with silica gel beads, these beads are available in most hardware stores. And if you don’t have any of these silica gel beads on hand then that old wet phone on dry rice life hack is going to come in handy put it there while you go to the store and get some of those beads.
Afterward, try looking for a site that offers Mobile phone damage repair.

You might be asking, well why do I need to I already put the phone in a bag of silica gel bead, and it has sucked up all the water from the phone. What is the point of contacting someone for the water damage repair?

Well, you see when water gets inside a phone, even if it is a really small amount, corrosion is going to build up…and really quick too. A lot of phones have had its inside covered with corrosion in less than a day of being exposed to water.

Getting your phone professionally looked at will remove any water or oils that may have been building up after your phone was initially introduced to water. And without a proper check and cleaning, even after your phone has dried out it might still be usable, but you might lose some of the features little by little as time move on. Corrosion is like rust if it grows somewhere it might grow slowly or it might grow abnormally fast.

But either way these are the thing you should do when your phone gets any type of water damage because if you don’t you might lose some important data that was inside your phone and well that a real bummer if you do so hopefully you found this article useful and will share your newly found knowledge with other people. But for more information, it would help you to look at some more information on the internet. Although this article has covered most of what you need to do a little more knowledge isn’t bad.