Take advantage of your outdoor space by having a perfect deck, it is a great place for you to relax and a good place for you to entertain your guests. A new deck will also add value to your home if you want to sell it in the future. However, there are number of considerations before hiring a contractor to build your new deck. Here are some tips when hiring a deck builder. 

Do Your Research, Check Reviews 

When deciding who will build your deck, it’s much better if you are well informed in order for you to get a good choice. Check for online reviews of individual deck building companies and ask for pictures of their previous work. Make sure that these deck builders are licensed and has meet all the state requirements. 

Develop A Solid Plan 

Find out what design you would want for your deck. Don’t go in the building process without any plan. Put enough thought of the entire process in order to have a solid idea of a deck you are looking for. Plan further so you can dictate the about the direction of the project, the contractor could help finalize later and establish the plan you have decided. 

  • Have a layout plan 
  • Decide on what special features you want to add during construction 
  • Decide on materials you would like to use for the deck 
  • Determine how much money you are willing to spend on the project 

You can have a better control of the project if you have established a concise plan. You can also have better control on the budget in developing your deck. Remove guesswork to get the results you want, this could also make the contractor’s job much easier. 

Compare and Interview Deck Builders 

Having several candidates in your deck building project, don’t jump forward and pick one. Make some basic comparison first and ask some questions about the contractor and about the project, a good contractor will have the answer. Here are some ideas on what information you might want from your prospected contractor. 

  • Are the contractors insured and licensed? 
  • Ask each contractor for a list of references. You can check their work if you have someone you know from the list 
  • Compare reviews and gauge where you will get the best results 
  • Talk to the deck builders and determine how they will handle on what you want with the budget available. 
  • Have your contractors a written estimate. 

Follow-Up On The Information Gathered 

Do some follow-up work before deciding to sign a contract. Do comparisons on all the information you have gathered. Contact references to check the quality of their work before. 

  • Compare pricing among the contractors if they are offering competitive rates 
  • Verify their license 
  • Follow-up on the cost estimates to check if they are reasonable prices. 

Signing The Contract 

When you have decided on the contractor you thought fits best for your needs and will do best, it’s important to sign a contract. Review the contract in detail before signing. 

  • Have a copy of insurance and contractor’s license information 
  • Make sure to establish a timeframe for completion 
  • Check for any hidden cost for changes in the project 
  • Complete breakdown of pricing 
  • Verify who will be held liable for any accidental damage 

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